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The Group


ADA – Albino Dias de Andrade, S.A. is an integral part of a conglomerate of companies in the transformer textile sector that has in the production and marketing of medical devices and comfort (sterile gauze fabric and in nonwoven tissue, bandages, diapers for incontinent adults and underpads) its corporate design. And it is, at the same time, the industrial matrix, the main house, the symbol of quality.

With it we have associated ADATEC and ADAFIOS, S.A..

From the cast of corporate results, with full ownership and relevance, the designation of business group with Vertical Activity, a very rare designation in this industrial branch which undoubtedly brings important advantages of competitive and root, stimulus and increased robustness to business decisions.

From the cotton to the final product that turns, it’s come a long way that has in the field and in harmony and functional interrelation motion a potential which, of course, distinguish us and will in demanding markets where we operate.

Firmly committed to scale quality gains and readiness to serve their clients, concentrates its full potential in the production of compresses, with recognized quality certified by competent outside bodies.