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Industrial unit producing gauze fabric, the weaving ends the transforming cycle of this company, and sees the company, in the Group’s context, as the main supplier of ADA – Albino Dias de Andrade, Lda., producer of gauze sponges, diapers for adult incontinence and safeguards.

There have also been significant investments in production technologies and ambient air conditioning: in the preparation for weaving, with the adequacy and enhanced line warp; in the weaving, with the acquisition of the most advanced technology that exists in production of woven gauze; in the ventilation system and air conditioning, which is essential for the effective performance in this industrial area; in vocational training and behavioral level of hygiene and safety, enticing the company’s employees to their integrated skills in the operation and conduct of new production units; in the design and formulation of a functional layout that streamlines processes and reduces efforts in the performance of operational functions of the employees involved; in quality control, with particular focus on the physical and dimensional parametrization of the product.