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Textile Spinning

Industrial unit equipped with cutting-edge technologies, ensures, with primacy, the yarn supply, to the weaving Department; industrial area adjoining and chained in the transforming process.

Investments made in this industrial Department in the areas of acquisition renewal of production equipment; the acquisition of equipment and establishment of environmental infrastructure, aimed at the adequacy of the internal atmosphere technical requirements required; the acquisition of equipment for the collection and transport of produced that the contiguity with the weaving will transform supply chain; the design and formulation of functional layout that streamlines processes and reduces effort in the performance of operational functions of employees involved; of vocational training, General and specific, proportionate to the employees of the company with a view to the ability of the operation and conduct of new production units; quality control in different heights in the same applies, to be maintained and guaranteed the physico-wire techniques produced; the health and safety of workers, are the clear signal and additional warranty that we provide to the markets and our clients that we do not retract the efforts to meet what ever we had as purpose to continue and thereby repay the confidence in us as suppliers, is deposited.