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Gauze ADA Fios Tests

Benchmarking and performance of hydrophilic gauze produced by ADA Fios, S.A.


Benchmarking of the physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of the hydrophilic gauze produced by ADA Fios with two competing manufacturers.


EN ISO 14079:2003 – Non-active medical devices. Fulfillment requirements and test methods in absorbent cotton gauze, cotton and viscose gauze.

EN ISO 11737-1:2006 – Sterilization of medical devices – microbiological methods. Determination of microorganisms in products.

Comparison Chart


We can conclude that the gauze produced by ADA Fios,sa is a product of extraordinary quality when compared to other tested products from different companies.

From the analysis of the physico-chemical tests results that are enrolled in EN ISO 14079, it is verified that the gauze produced by ADA Fios presents higher quality sustained in four principals:

ADA Fios Higher grammage;

ADA Fios Less immersion time (hydrophily);

ADA Fios Lower percentage of water and ether soluble substances;

ADA Fios Higher breaking strength (mainly in the tram yarn).

As the consumer can verifies in the results of one of the tested suppliers, the gauze is frequently detected with no hydrophilic or with hydrophilic non-uniform through the roll/sample.

Also, the gauze of the ADA Fios presents bioburden results lower than others suppliers. This is a really good advantage and the quality turns out to be ensured by our products guaranteeing a good fulfillment and security when using non-sterile compresses, ensuring an effective sterilization process.


What does this study tell us about the competitive products?

Through this study, is possible to verify that the gauze produced by others manufacturers presents:

AdaFios Nodules in the cotton threads;

AdaFios Many weaving defects;

AdaFios Distribution non-uniform of the cotton in the warp and in the weft;

AdaFios It is also emphasized the presence of black color yarn around the gauze screen, removing the clean characteristic required and present in Ada Fios, SA Gauze.

These defects can affect its fulfillment in the produced gauzes, creating compression zones (because of the nodules presence), and/or create low absorption zones (because of the non-uniform distribution of the cotton cotton threads).

To sum up, the hydrophilic gauze produced by ADA Fios, SA is a product of EXCELLENCE displaying physico-chemical and microbiological features considerably higher than others tested suppliers, guaranteeing the quality certification of our products and processes.