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ADA Fios - Producers of Clinical Gauze

Rolls with 2000 m


Basic solution with 2000mt of fabric gauze. Presents itself as the most common measure in the producers of Clinical gauze’ markets, highlighting the fantastic advances in quality.

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Rolls with 5000 m


The optimized solution reveals the excellent ratio for less waste (time on the recharge operation), in an express and clear way, keeping the qualities of Gauze Ada Fios production.

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Rolls with 10.000 m


JUMBO solution (10000mt rolls) is the ultimate representation of the high productivity gains, maintaining the original characteristics of the Clinical Gauze with the highest quality.

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Innovative, Exclusive and High Quality Solutions

No Amendments Rolls

Presents Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Excellence

Diverse Fabric Construction and Dimensions

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Clear Economic Benefits

Check out the Economic Benefits:

  • Significant increase in production, with efficiency gains at zero cost
  • Waste reduction
  • Gains in logistics and reduction of technical interruptions
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